Parenting Coordinator

What is a Parenting Coordinator?
A parenting coordinator is often, but not always, brought in after a parenting plan is in place and assists parents who are involved in high conflict divorces or parents struggling to communicate effectively with one another about the best interests of their children.  While often court-appointed, many parents opt to hire a parenting coordinator to help resolve acrimony to assist in providing a positive and less stressful home for their children.

A parenting coordinator works closely with the parents and children to help resolve disputes and help improve communication in order for the parents to work productively towards the children’s best interests.

Dr. Paret has proven particularly adept at helping families mend from a myriad of issues.  Not only does he have extensive experience as a court appointed child custody examiner, family mediator, and family counselor, but he has been specifically trained as a parenting coordinator.  Additionally helpful, he has worked closely with the legal profession and understands the ins and outs of working with the courts.

Issues Parenting Coordinators Can Assist With

  • Visitation
  • Discipline
  • Vacation
  • Medical Bills
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Religious Conflict
  • Vacation Time
  • New spouse/significant other

Please feel free to contact Dr. Paret with any questions.  We welcome the opportunity to assist you.