Collaborative Divorce Consultant

What is a Collaborative Divorce?
A collaborative divorce is a new method of resolving disputes more peacefully and respectfully outside of the courtroom. As divorce is a very costly venture, this approach offers a much more cost effective alternative to work out issues to a mutually acceptable conclusion.

In collaborative divorces, your attorneys will work jointly to find equitable solutions. In many cases, a mental health expert is called in to assist in reaching a successful resolution, help maintain strong communication, and provide strategies to minimize the emotional toll on the children.

Dr. Paret has received specialized training to work collaboratively with collaborative attorneys and maintain the necessary neutrality to ensure that both parents and the children’s needs are fairly and equally represented.

Benefits of a Collaborative Psychologist

  • Understanding the effects of divorce on children and how best to handle
  • How to co-parent and resolve issues respectfully
  • Techniques on moving past personal issues so you can put your children first
  • Helping set a foundation to rebuilding a positive home environment