Adult and Juvenile Forensic Evaluations

Employee Evaluations ChicagoWhat is a Forensic Evaluation?
A forensic evaluation is a comprehensive report written to assist in a wide range of legal matters.  These reports help determine for the courts and attorneys issues such as mental impairment, dangerousness, disability, psychological disorders, ability to work, malingering, ability for rehabilitation, and competency to stand trial.  Dr. Paret is specially trained to understand the intersection of psychology and the justice system and has performed and written over 2500 evaluations for both adults and juveniles.

What to Expect
Based on your particular case and age, Dr. Paret will conduct all appropriate psychological and neuropsychological testing.  These tests may include measuring cognitive, emotional and personality abilities, as well as neuropsychological functions. He will also be reviewing prior medical and legal records, and speaking to family, professionals, or other appropriate parties, as necessary, for additional information.

Child Custody Evaluation Chicago

When You Might Need One

Criminal Competency
Courts heavily rely on forensic evaluations to help determine if the defendant is competent to stand trial, is a risk to themselves or others, and amenable to rehabilitation.  The evaluation, coupled with expert testimony, can be critical to the outcome of the case.

Civil Injury/Disability
These evaluations can be very helpful or necessary for Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, or other disability compensation systems.  Having a trained professional provide an expert opinion and testimony strengthens the case for legitimate plaintiffs.  On the other end, the psychological testing Dr. Paret performs is very effective at detecting malingering or exaggeration of memory deficits.

Fitness for Duty/Employment Evaluations
Employers may request an evaluation in order to determine if a current employee, due to psychological or psychiatric conditions, is able to perform the essential functions of their job.

Child Custody Cases
These evaluations are usually mandated by the Family Court in divorce/custody proceedings and by the Circuit Courts in Child Protective Services (CPS) cases.  Evaluations are also frequently requested by unilateral parties who are either working through a mediator, disputing their current custody standing, or looking for a second opinion..  Dr. Paret will assess mental and parental competency, apparent quality of parent-child attachment, review previous mental and legal documents and reach out to collateral sources in order to build his report.

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