Alexander J. Paret, Ph.D.

Alexander Paret, Ph.D. earned a dual doctorate degree in Clinical and Forensic Psychology at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology and Stanford University. He is licensed in both New Mexico and Illinois and received his Post-Doctoral degree in Psychopharmacology and training as a Medical Psychologist. Dr. Paret has consulted with law enforcement for Crime Reconstruction and has been sworn in as an Expert Witness at both the State and Federal level. Dr. Paret was awarded Top Secret Security Clearance and did contract work with National Security Psychological Services providing evaluations for the Department of Energy.  He also served on the New Mexico Board of Mental Health for several years, and has remained passionate about educating and improving the perception and treatment of those suffering from mental illness. Additionally, Dr. Paret was an adjunct professor at St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois and was the Membership Chairman with the Illinois Psychological Association. He maintains active memberships with the American Psychological Association and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.

Dr. Paret has over 25 years experience in clinically treating children and adults. His diverse experience includes working with the mentally disabled, State and Federal Correctional Rehabilitation programs, substance abuse, sexual and physical abuse, depression, multiple personality disorders, marriage counseling, mediation, sexual disorders, interventions, phobias, gifted children evaluations, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and performing all levels of psychological testing. Some of Dr. Paret’s therapeutic approaches include Psychoanalysis, Hypnosis, Music Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR and Art Therapy. Dr. Paret works with several school districts within the Chicago Public School System to act as a consultant for building stronger curriculums for special needs children (including those with Asperger’s and Autism), and provides in-depth evaluations for students that requires special services. Additionally, Dr. Paret holds lectures for parents on understanding the impact of psychotropic medication on children and handling subsequent behavioral issues.

On the Forensic side, Dr. Paret has completed over 4,000 competency evaluations and 300 custody evaluations. His specialties include Expert Testimony, Adult and Juvenile Forensic Evaluations, Child Custody Evaluations, Competency to Stand Trial, Jury Selection, Profiling, Insanity Defense, Dangerousness, and Treatment Amenability. He has also been enlisted by doctors and large insurance companies to conduct independent Medical and Neuropsychological Evaluations for Workers’ Compensation cases. Dr. Paret is a Court Appointed 11-706 Child Custody Psychologist in New Mexico and 604.b in Illinois. Additionally, he is frequently engaged by private family law counsel to conduct diagnostic testing and perform as a unilateral witness/evaluator. Dr. Paret is known for his collaborative and strategic approach to handling each case. His evaluations are lauded for being thorough, detailed, comprehensive, and easily understood.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Dr. Paret is fluent in both Spanish and English. In addition to his current caseload, Dr. Paret does speaking engagements on his various forensic and clinical specialties, mentors students, and is writing a book on crime reconstruction.